Jeff Chervenak, MS, LADC

Executive Recovery Coach (PROOF)

Jeff Chervenak, MS, LADC is a licensed therapist who developed his evidence-based skills with an explicit focus in Addiction Studies while earning his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Over thirteen years as a volunteer with the Connecticut Department of Corrections, Jeff developed a unique approach for helping those who are struggling with addiction. Jeff is also a graduate of Hartford Family Institute’s mindfulness-based Gestalt psychotherapy intensive program. He has been in recovery since 1988, making him uniquely qualified to do go deeper with you.

Jeff is trained as a traditional psychotherapist whose practice has a dual focus:

  • Individuals newly sober or attempting to get sober
  • Individuals with significant lengths of sobriety.

The approaches Jeff uses for these groups are different. People in early recovery have needs for more of a coaching orientation that is directive in nature. Individuals with long-term sobriety have already developed rock-solid tools that we will use to go deeper, resulting in greater freedom and personal power.

Executive Focus

Jeff came to his therapeutic work after a long business career in the highly-regulated and competitive mortgage banking and brokerage business for over thirty years. He co-founded Guaranty Federal in 1989, where he served as president. As such, Jeff’s psychotherapy training and career experience in the corporate/finance sector are especially well-suited for business executives.

How is our approach different?

Traditional psychotherapy relies heavily on cognitive approaches, and while there is a place for this, deep-rooted change or transformation rarely results. We take a body-centered approach thatpromotes a fundamental change that is long-lasting and empowering. The tools learned while obtaining long-term sobriety are particularly well-suited for this work. If you’re feeling stuck, angry, unfulfilled, or parts of yourself are at war with one another, or most importantly, you want more vitality, better connection with others, and a more serene existence, we can help.

About Jeff

Jeff has spent over 30 years on his recovery. He’ll show you a more productive way forward.

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