Addiction and Early Recovery

If you are trying to get sober and still struggling with abstinence, you need to bring all the resources you can to that fight, including therapy, sponsorship, meetings, and other treatment. As a part of that multi-faceted approach, Jeff’s role is to provide that necessary coaching and therapy as you navigate this new landscape: setting goals and achieving results that are self-reinforcing.

Executives and business owners are accustomed to dealing with problems by thinking and planning alone. No strategy could be more destined to fail when tackling addiction. Addiction needs to be dealt with on an emotional level. You cannot think your way through a feeling problem. You don’t think you want to use or drink; you feel like you want to use or drink. This is why figuring out a path to sobriety rarely works for long.

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Getting and staying sober is not easy. It is HARD to do. It may seem obvious, but not deliberately accepting this truth can set you up for failure. You need to bring all the resources you can to the effort. Many alcoholics are lone wolves, especially high achieving individuals, who often resist connection and help. This is the second attitude we need to address. Getting sober is not a goal to be done alone. To maximize success, you want an experienced and trained guide.

Getting and staying sober is so much more than putting down the substance. The substance was the answer to problems that existed before you ever used until it became a separate  problem. We need to treat the whole person, not just the addict or alcoholic part. Most coaches got their training in the rooms of AA and at weekend workshops. I have been in training for over seven years and have a clinical psychology master’s degree in addiction studies. As a result, I can go deeper and provide the support necessary to address the challenges that led to your addiction or alcoholism. I have also been active in recovery personally since 1988. I come to this work after more than thirty years of owning and running a successful mortgage company. My personal experiences and training enable me to understand my clients’ needs and challenges better than most.