Author: mjformica

Body-Centered Experience

There are many ways to bring counseling into a body experience. The following is one example from recent session I had with the client: the client is a man in his late 40s who recently lost a job. He is a highly educated and professionally trained individual who could easily get a high paying job in his profession. The trouble is...

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Victimizer Work

I have a niche counseling practice that specializes in helping long-term members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) go deeper with their recovery work. I believe, long-term members of AA are not like everyone else when it comes to counseling. They have done massive amounts of growth work. We need to leverage this and use the twelve-step skills honed over years of practice to go deeper by using...

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Long-Term Sobriety

A number of studies in the past two decades have considered different aspects of people who have reached a state of what is referred to in the literature as ‘long-term sobriety’. The label ‘long-term sobriety’ is general referencing individuals who have been sober for ten or more years in succession. Each of the researchers address different questions about the characteristics of long-term sobriety using different methodologies. Although premises...

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