Jeff Chervenak


Jeff focuses his practice on two types of individuals: those (particularly executives) with significant lengths of sobriety, and those who are newly sober or attempting to get sober. Each requires a different approach.

People in early recovery have needs for more of a coaching approach. Jeff Chervenak, MS, LADC, has a Clinical Psychology Master’s degree in Addiction Studies where he developed evidence-based skills geared explicitly for this. As an addiction volunteer with the Connecticut Department of Corrections for over 13 years, Jeff developed a unique approach to helping those who are struggling. Since 2013, Jeff has studied mindfulness-based Gestalt psychotherapy at Hartford Family Institute.

Individuals with long-term sobriety have developed rock-solid tools that will be used to go deeper, resulting in greater freedom and personal power. Traditional psychotherapy relies heavily on cognitive approaches, and while there is a place for this, deep-rooted change or transformation rarely results. Ultimately, your work with Jeff goes beyond what you might get with traditional coaching and therapy and will promote fundamental change that is long-lasting and empowering.

Jeff Chervenake leans on a railing outside smiling at the camera.

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