Jeff Chervenak, MS, LADC

Executive Recovery Coach

Jeff Chervenak, MS, LADC, is a licensed therapist with a Clinical Psychology Master’s degree in Addiction Studies, where he developed evidence-based skills geared explicitly toward this. As an addiction volunteer with the Connecticut Department of Corrections for over 13 years, Jeff developed a unique approach to helping those who are struggling. Jeff graduated from mindfulness-based Gestalt psychotherapy at Hartford Family Institute.

Jeff focuses his practice on two types of individuals: those (particularly executives) with significant lengths of sobriety and those who are newly sober or attempting to get sober. Each requires a different approach.

For those in long-term recovery

You have a lot to celebrate, but you may feel stuck. Jeff works with those who have been in recovery for many years to move beyond what may be holding you back from deeper emotional sobriety and serenity.

Are you still wrestling with abstinence? People don’t fail or struggle from a lack of desire or willpower. They fail or struggle from a lack of support. You likely need more support than AA, or an IOP provides. I provide a personal, customized approach that can improve the effectiveness of your other efforts dramatically.

For those struggling or newly sober

Jeff will empower you with the skill sets and tools to integrate a new lifestyle, and to create more distance between you and the substance. 

About Jeff

Jeff has spent over 30 years on his recovery. He’ll show you a more productive way forward.

As seen in PsychCentral and Landmark Recovery